Bronwyn Wray
International triathlete

Bronwyn Wray in Australian national colours prior to the 2011 World Triathlon Championships in Beijing
Bronwyn Wray in Australian national colours prior to the 2011 World Triathlon Championships in Beijing

“I began competing in Triathlons fairly late in life, well at the grand old age of 39. At the age of 41 I was selected to represent Australia at the World Championships in Budapest in 2010, and again in Beijing in 2011. I had always had trouble with my knees because of the various sports I played throughout my life. Prior to 2011 I had had three minor knee operations. At the World Champs in Beijing I had a crash on the bike leg of the race, trying to avoid an over enthusiastic course official who stepped in front of the bike pack to slow us down. Instead of hitting him, I ran into a metal barrier fence knee first.

“Despite this, I still managed somehow to finish the race albeit rather slowly. At the time I was under the care of another Sydney knee surgeon. Upon my return to Sydney I was scheduled for an arthroscopy to repair a torn meniscus due to the crash. Two weeks after surgery, I had a minor fall in my home and tore the meniscus again and did further damage to the knee. At this stage I was told that it would repair itself and to basically sit on the couch, stop any thoughts of competing. I was also told that a knee replacement was inevitable at some stage.

“This to me wasn’t an option. Six months later and still in pain I was deseparate to find an alternative to what I was told to do. I had two young children and all I wanted to do was to be able to play with them without being in pain. Being able to train and compete again would be a bonus. I was recommended by a fellow triathlete and patient of Dr Sorrenti’s to investigate the possibility of Stem Cell Therapy. After a little online research, I made an appointment that day and the rest as they say is history. I was operated on in August 2012. I did exactly as I was told and was diligent with my recovery.

“I resumed competing in Triathlon in December of 2012, totally pain free. I have also commenced Track racing and have done a few 10km runs for fun since. I am totally free to abuse my body, as Dr Sam says. Dr Sam and his little Stem Cells are amazing. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

David Riolo
former Rugby League professional

David has been involved in Rugby League for more than 30 years, having played more than 100 first grade games for the Illawarra Steelers and Parramatta Eels. It was at Parramatta that he met Dr Sorrenti, who was the consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon for the team.

David has suffered from chronic knee problems for some years, and has had several operations including a lateral meniscectomy. In 2012 his knee problems worsened to such an extent that he was unable to straighten his leg and had difficulty walking.

In December 2012 David underwent Stem Cell Assisted Arthroscopic Surgery with Dr Sorrenti. He says that “the recovery was quicker and easier that previous surgeries… there was less swelling and less pain”.

He was back on the rugby field after three months, and shortly afterwards was selected to play for the Australia Over 40’s rugby league team in the 2013 Trans Tasman test against New Zealand.

Chris Jackson
Recreational jogger

“I’m a recreational jogger, mainly just for exercise and to get out of the office at lunchtimes but I have done a few half-marathons and marathons over the last few years.

“In June 2011 while training for the September Sydney Marathon I noticed slight pain on the inside of my knee following a run. The next day when I went on a run I had to abandon it after a short distance because of the pain in my knee.

“The pain was enough to make me limp, and was particularly strong when going down hills or stairs.
I left it for a few weeks hoping that it would clear up but without success.

“I went to see a physiotherapist who treated me over the next few weeks. It seemed to improve things but whenever it got to the point when I’d try running on it it would go back to as bad as it was before.

“In early 2012 I went to see a GP for an MRI referral. The results showed a tear in my meniscus and the GP told me about a new type of treatment involving stemcells. He looked up surgeons who were performing it and referred me to Dr Sorrenti.

“I saw Dr Sorrenti in March 2012 and he operated on me in July. The operation was non-dramatic and I was able to return to work the next day.

“Since then my knee has shown great improvement, to the point that I feel no discomfort at all and I have returned to my lunchtime running.

“Basically I’ve gone from someone who had pain of one level or another constantly, particularly when kneeling or going down stairs and sloping ground to as good as I was before the injury. I rarely even think of my knee injury now.

“And, as a bonus part of the treatment I got 200ml of unsightly fat liposuctioned from my stomach…”